Entdecken Sie, wie verzinkte Gewindestangen nach DIN 976 für zuverlässige Befestigungen in Handwerk und Industrie eingesetzt werden.

Successful fastening with galvanized threaded rods: A DIN 976 guide

In the world of trade and industry, the requirements for fastening solutions are as diverse as the projects themselves. Galvanized threaded rods according to DIN 976 prove to be universal helpers that find their place in both new constructions and renovation projects. This article highlights the versatility and efficiency of threaded rods in sizes M8x110 mm, M8x140 mm, M10x80 mm and M10x110 mm for a wide range of fastening tasks.

The importance of the choice of material: Galvanized steel

Before we dive into the specific applications, it is important to take a close look at the material. Galvanized steel offers a high level of corrosion protection thanks to its coating, which significantly increases the longevity of the fasteners. In environments exposed to moisture or other corrosive influences, galvanized steel offers a reliable solution.

Areas of application of threaded rods according to DIN 976

The flexibility of the threaded rods according to DIN 976 making them an ideal choice for a variety of fastening tasks:

Steel constructions: Whether it is the construction of halls, bridges or other load-bearing structures, threaded rods ensure a firm connection of the individual components.

Consoles and railings: Precise installation of consoles and railings is easy with threaded rods as they enable precise adjustments.

Supports and uprights: When reinforcing load-bearing structures, threaded rods are an indispensable element to ensure safety and stability.

Facades and anchor plates: Fastening facade elements or anchor plates requires reliable fasteners that can withstand wind and weather.

Canopies, windows and door frames: The aesthetic integration of canopies as well as window and door frames into the overall appearance of a building requires precise fastening solutions.

Cladding and wooden structures: Wooden structures benefit from the flexibility of threaded rods, which enable a firm, yet flexible connection.

Injection systems: Even in challenging environments such as old or damp concrete, threaded rods in conjunction with injection systems offer a solid fastening solution.

Choosing the right size

Choosing the right size of threaded rod is crucial for the load-bearing capacity and longevity of the connection. The sizes M8 and M10 cover a wide range, from lighter to heavier designs. The length of the threaded rod determines how deep the anchoring can be in the support material, which in turn influences the stability of the overall construction.

Installation and maintenance

Installing threaded rods requires expertise and precision. It is important to choose the correct drilling depth and diameter to maximize the load-bearing capacity of the anchor. The use of suitable dowels or injection mortars can further increase the holding force. Regular maintenance is necessary to check the integrity of the connection and prevent corrosion, especially in moist or aggressive environments.


Galvanized threaded rods according to DIN 976 offer a reliable Effective, versatile and durable solution for a variety of fastening tasks in trade and industry. Their adaptability to different materials and construction types makes them an indispensable tool in modern construction technology. Selecting the right size and professional installation are keys to success to ensure the safety and longevity of the structure.