Sheet metal screws, pan head with collar - 100 pieces.

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  • Phillips Modified Neck Tension Head These screws are suitable for: sheet metal fastening, gutter fastening, sheet metal roofing, metal structures, etc.
  • Galvanized steel screws are strong, durable, reliable and long lasting. Special drill tip ensures easier and faster screw assembly. These screws do not require any prior drilling
  • Fully threaded screw - self-drilling for very quick and easy assembly Use: For metal-to-metal fastenings - metal frames, aluminum profiles. Self-drilling screws are intended for cases where it is important to distribute pressure across larger/oversized holes when installing grilles, tin roofs, etc

These self-tapping screws allow for quick penetration into metal without a pilot hole. They are ideal for attaching metal sheets, gutters, sheet metal roofing, metal structures and much more. The galvanized steel screws are robust, durable and reliable. With their special drill tip, they make screw assembly easier and do not require any prior drilling.

Condition: New
Material: Galvanized steel