Drilling screws, hexagonal head and collar, DIN 7504. - 100 pieces.

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  • This drilling screw has a hexagonal head with a collar and is manufactured in form K. Self-tapping drill bit, drills your own hole. You do not need any additional drilling tools for the metal screws and changing tools is also not necessary. Hex drive is ideal for wrenches or sockets.
  • Basically, roofing screws are nothing more than conventional sheet metal screws, with the crucial advantage that you can do without pre-drilling. The self-drilling screws reduce working time because they drill, form and connect in just one way. DIN 7504 is particularly suitable for thin and soft sheets such as aluminum. You can also do a trial run on thin steel, but the success rate is low and you'll be doing a lot of work.
  • When used, these screws offer a particularly high level of corrosion protection as well as longevity and resistance. For this reason, the hexagon head screw can also be used in outdoor areas or damp rooms without any problems.
  • Version: Form K (hexagon head with collar)

With their hex drive, they allow for easy handling with a wrench or socket. These screws are ideal for thinner and softer sheets such as aluminum and offer a high level of corrosion protection. They are durable and resistant, which allows them to be used in outdoor or humid environments. The packaging contains 100 pieces of these self-drilling screws with a hexagonal head and collar.

Condition: New
Material: Galvanized steel