Sealing hemp sealant for sanitary areas

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  • Sealing hemp in a practical dispenser for sanitary areas.
  • High-quality sealant made from sealing hemp for reliable sealing of plumbing connections.
  • Ideal for use in plumbing fixtures, fittings and pipe connections.
  • An effective solution to prevent leaks and leaks in your plumbing system.

Sealing hemp in the dispenser is a high-quality sealant for sanitary areas. The sealing hemp comes in a practical dispenser and weighs 80 g. It is ideal for sealing threaded connections in plumbing systems, helping to prevent leaks and ensure a reliable seal. This sealant is easy to use and offers an effective solution for your plumbing installations. The item is made in the European Union.

Condition: New
Material: linen
Packaging Unit:
Sanitary sealant - 1 piece