Ball valve 1/2"x3/4"-15/SZ, water tap, Garden series, with hose connection, frost-resistant, PN 10

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  • Size: 1/2"x3/4"-15/SZ; PN 10, Tmax 65°C
  • Flexible connection options: Equipped with a hose connection and a quick coupling connection, it facilitates quick and easy integration into existing irrigation systems.
  • High quality materials: The lever and nut are made of stainless steel and nickel plated, while the brass elements that come into contact with water are not coated to meet current requirements of the National Institute of Hygiene.
  • Frost Resistance: This valve is frost resistant, making it ideal for use in colder climates and ensuring functionality even at low temperatures.
  • Nickel plating: Nickel plating of the brass elements provides additional protection against corrosion and ensures that the valve meets the hygienic requirements for drinking water systems

This ball valve from the Garden series, equipped with a quick coupling connection and a robust screw connection, is a high-quality faucet for the garden area. The lever and nut are made of stainless steel and coated with nickel, which guarantees high resistance to corrosion and wear. In addition, the ball valve is frost-resistant, which makes it particularly suitable for use in cold weather conditions. This product is manufactured in the European Union.


Condition: New

Material: brass

Size: 1/2"x3/4"-15/SZ

Packaging Unit:

Ball valve - 1 piece