Brass angle IG/AG, angle 90 degree IG/AG, brass elbow, thread fitting

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  • Use: Brass angles are for connecting pipes and system components made of copper, copper alloys, steel, cast iron and many others with threaded connections.
  • Areas of application: The brass angles are suitable for use in systems for central heating, cold and hot water supply (including drinking water).
  • Technical parameters: Brass elbow, max. operating pressure 16 bar (1.6 MPa), min. working temperature 30 °C, maximum working temperature: +180 °C for single screw connection and +120 °C for double screw connection
  • Installation: Brass fittings can be installed in vertical, horizontal and diagonal pipelines in any position.

Brass angle ideal for connecting pipes and fittings in plumbing and heating systems. This high-quality brass threaded fitting provides a reliable and durable connection for various installation technology applications. Robust and durable, this brass angle is an excellent choice for your installation needs. This product is manufactured in the European Union.


Condition: New

Material: brass (suitable for drinking water)

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Brass fitting - 1 piece