SYSTEM CLEANER | Cleaner for central heating systems

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  • The system cleaner is an effective preparation for removing limescale, sludge and deposits from pipes to improve the efficiency of the central heating system.
  • The product can be mixed with antifreeze.
  • Highly effective system cleaner for thorough cleaning of central heating systems.
  • Removes limescale, mud and deposits to improve the efficiency of the heating system.
  • Can be used for an underfloor heating system.

In facilities susceptible to the formation of scale, measures should be taken to protect against its formation. However, if scale is already present, it should be removed otherwise it can continue to grow and affect the energy efficiency of the heating system and contribute to the development of microorganisms. Removing scale is challenging, but by flushing the system with appropriate cleaning products, satisfactory results can be achieved. Chemical cleaning of the system dissolves the scale and forms sludge, which must be thoroughly flushed out of the system. The item is made in the European Union.

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