Tube of sealing paste 65 g. Sealing paste thread seal. AGAM.

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High-quality sealing paste for metal threaded connections. Suitable for gas and drinking water installations in the house. Clean, non-toxic and solvent-free for safe use. Easily dismantled, prevents drying out and hardening. Contents: 65 g in a practical container. Perfect solution for permanent thread sealing. The AGAM sealing paste with a content of 65 g is a clean and non-toxic solution for threaded metal connections in combination with hemp. It does not stick, does not irritate the skin, is solvent-free, shrink-free and retains its flexibility, which means it can be dismantled at any time. This sealing paste is ideal for domestic gas and drinking water installations and is supplied in a practical tin. Specification: Condition: New Packaging Unit: AGAM sealing paste - 1 piece