Square washers for wooden structures - 10 pieces. DIN 436

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  • DIN 436 square washers guarantee the highest quality and conformity to standards.
  • Specially developed for wooden structures, they offer optimal stability.
  • The pack contains 10 square washers.
  • Thanks to their precise workmanship, they fit perfectly into all standardized fastening systems.
  • With these square washers, wooden connections can be securely and permanently fixed.

These square washers for wooden structures according to DIN 436 offer optimal support for your wooden projects. Designed as square washers specifically for wooden structures, they meet the highest quality requirements. These stainless steel washers ensure durability and reliability. With the DIN 436 specifications, they are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications.

Condition: New
Material: galvanized steel
Packaging Unit:
Square washers - 10 pieces