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In our range, you will find a wide selection of components for plumbing and heating systems, from fittings and connectors to devices for water, heating, and ventilation systems. We are proud to offer only the most reliable and high-quality products so that you can be confident your projects will be successfully implemented.

Main components of plumbing systems: Functions and applications

Components for plumbing systems include various elements and devices used for creating, maintaining, and servicing plumbing systems in buildings and facilities. They play a vital role in ensuring the proper operation of water supply, wastewater, heating, ventilation, and other sanitary facilities.

These include:

Pipes and lines: Used for transporting water, gas, and other liquids within the system.

Fittings and connectors: These components are used to connect pipes and create various configurations of plumbing systems.

Valves and fixtures: Used to regulate the flow of liquids and gases within the system and completely shut them off when necessary.

Components for plumbing systems provide comfort, safety, and hygienic conditions for users and help maintain the functionality of plumbing systems in good condition.

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