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Shut-off valves, return valves, separators and filters are key components of engineering systems that play an important role in ensuring reliability and efficiency of various engineering systems.

Shut-off valves are devices designed to regulate or completely shut off the flow of liquids or gases in pipelines. They can be used to control the consumption of water, gas or other media in water supply systems, heating systems, air conditioning and other engineering systems.

Return valves or backflow preventers are intended to prevent a medium from moving back in the pipeline. They play an important role in protecting systems from backflow of liquid or gas, which can lead to undesirable consequences such as contamination or damage to equipment.

Separators are used to separate different phases or components of liquids or gases. They are used to remove solid particles, condensate or other contaminants from the flowing medium, improving the efficiency of the system and extending the life of the equipment.

Filters are designed to clean the medium from solid particles, contaminants or other substances that may have a negative impact on the operation of the system or the quality of the products. They are widely used in water supply systems, heating systems, ventilation systems, as well as in industrial processes and many other areas.

In this article, we will look at the basic types and functions of shut-off valves, return valves, separators and filters, as well as their application in various industries and technical systems. We will also consider important aspects of the selection and installation of these components to ensure efficient and safe operation of the engineering systems.

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Angle type ball valves are devices used to control the flow of liquid or gas in heating, water supply, ventilation and other engineering systems. They are usually installed in pipelines and allow the medium flow to be opened or closed by rotating the ball element in the housing.

Manual air vents are devices designed to remove air from heating or water supply systems. Installed at the highest points of the system, they automatically exhaust accumulated air, allowing efficient media flow and preventing potential problems with system operation.

Lower square radiator connections are elements used to connect radiators to the heating pipe. They are special fitting connections that ensure a tight and reliable connection between the radiators and the heating system.

Direct radiator connections are a type of connection in which the pipes are connected directly to the radiator from below. This type of connection ensures a more efficient heat transfer connection and increases the efficiency of the radiator.

Radiator valves are devices used to regulate room temperature by controlling the flow of hot water to radiators. They are usually installed on each radiator and allow adjustment of the heating mode in individual rooms.

Thermostat sets in straight and angled versions are sets that include a thermostat and corresponding fittings for connection to the radiator. They are used to automatically control and regulate the room temperature to ensure comfortable living conditions.

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