Impact anchor impact anchor brass - 20 pieces.

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  • Are female concrete anchors designed for anchoring in concrete. Bullet-like anchor sleeve with internal thread for pre-positioned installation.
  • When the bullet is placed in the shell and struck with a setting tool, it slides forward and the inner part of the shell expands and takes hold of the wall.
  • Brass dowels made of high-quality brass do not break even at low temperatures. It is also suitable for fastening components in concrete and solid brick.
  • The reinforced walls of the dowel make it possible to achieve high loads while maintaining vibration resistance. They protect the glued part of the steel element from corrosion and aggressive chemicals.
  • Screws or bolts can be removed and replaced without affecting holding power. Drop-in anchors are often used to attach handrails, lighting fixtures, plumbing and more. Brass anchor fasteners in anchors are versatile and are capable of bonding to any surface such as brick, concrete, metal or wood based surfaces.
  • Scope of delivery: impact anchor impact anchor - 20 pieces

The female concrete anchors are designed for secure anchoring in concrete. They offer easy pre-positioned installation with a bullet-like anchor sleeve and internal thread. Made of high quality brass, they offer high load capacities and are resistant to low temperatures. Ideal for fastening components in concrete and solid brick.

Condition: New
Material: brass