Straight thermostat set 1/2″ – M30x1.5 with BIANCA thermostat head

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  • Versatile thermostat set: The straight thermostat set includes a BIANCA thermostatic head and straight thermostatic flow and return valves with 1/2" connection and O-ring.
  • High-quality materials: Made of brass, the set offers durability and reliability for heating systems.
  • Precise temperature control: Equipped with a liquid-based sensor type, the thermostatic head allows precise adjustment in the range of 6˚C to 28˚C.
  • Robust construction: The set is designed for maximum operating conditions with a static pressure of 10 bar and an operating temperature of up to 110˚C.
  • Easy to install and use: With an M30 x 1.5 connection thread on the thermostat head, the set is easy to install and is ideal for temperature control in home and office environments.

The straight thermostat set consists of a BIANCA thermostatic head and corresponding straight flow and return valves with 1/2" connections and O-rings. Made of high-quality brass, it offers reliable and precise temperature control for heating systems. The easy installation and the liquid-based Sensor allow effective temperature control in a wide setting range, ideal for use in various home and office environments.This product is manufactured in the European Union.


Condition: New

Material: brass

Size: 1/2″ – M30x1.5

Thermostat head sensor type: liquid

Connection thread thermostat head: M30 x 1.5

Minimum thermostatic head setting: 6˚C (0 – head fully closed)

Temperature setting range: 6˚C - 28˚C

Maximum static pressure: 10 bar

Maximum pressure difference: 1 bar

Maximum operating temperature: 110˚C

Maximum room temperature: 50˚C

Packaging Unit:

Thermostat set - 1 piece