Thread repair set M 12x1.5 Baercoil

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  • This Baercoil thread repair kit contains everything you need for thread repair including core drill, tap, installation tool, tenon breaker and thread inserts.
  • The core hole drills and taps are made of high-quality HSS (high-speed steel), while the thread inserts are made of robust material.
  • With the installation tool and the tenon breaker, the thread inserts can be easily installed and the thread repaired.
  • Contents: HSS core hole drill, HSSG tap for thread inserts, installation tool.
  • Package Included: 1 x Thread Repair

The Baercoil thread repair set M 12x1.5 is a practical and versatile set for repairing threads. It contains high-quality core hole drills made of HSS, taps made of HSSG and various thread inserts for different applications. The threaded inserts can be easily installed using the included installation tool and tenon breaker. The thread inserts are of the "free-passing" type and provide a reliable solution for restoring damaged threads. This thread repair kit is an essential tool for DIY enthusiasts and professionals to repair broken threads quickly and effectively.

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Thread repair set - 1 piece