Radiator valve 1/2″, flow, straight, with O-ring, nickel, PN 16

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  • Robust design: The straight radiator valve 1/2" is equipped with a forged body, which makes it particularly durable.
  • High-quality coating: An electroplated nickel coating protects the valve from corrosion and improves its service life.
  • Efficient Flow: With a Kv value of 2.4 m³/h for straight valves, it is designed for efficient water circulation.
  • High temperature and pressure resistance: Suitable for temperatures up to 110˚C and pressure up to PN 16 bar.
  • User-Friendly: The valves feature uniform mounting lengths and buttons covered with a heat-shrinkable protective film for ease of operation.

The straight 1/2" radiator valve with O-ring and nickel coating is designed for a maximum temperature of 110˚C and a pressure of 16 bar. It is characterized by an efficient flow with a Kv value of 2.4 m³/h .The sturdy construction with forged body and corrosion-resistant nickel plating ensure durability. It is also designed to be user-friendly, with uniform mounting length and buttons protected by heat shrink wrap. This product is manufactured in the European Union.


Condition: New

Material: brass

Size: 1/2″

Packaging Unit:

Radiator valve - 1 piece