Honey Refractometer Water Content 13-25% ATC Brix 0.1%

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  • Hand-held refractometer for measuring the water content in honey
  • Sturdy metal housing
  • Bright optics, honey refractometer is ideal for all beekeepers
  • Honey refractometer including protective cover and pipette
  • Honey water content in range 13-25%

The honey refractometer with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) allows beekeepers to precisely measure the water content of their honey. With a measuring range of 13-25% honey moisture, it delivers reliable results. The refractometer is specially designed for beekeepers and is an essential tool for monitoring the quality and shelf life of honey. With this device, beekeepers can ensure that their honey has the desired moisture content and is therefore of the best quality.

Condition: New
Material: aluminum, glass, rubber
Size: 30*40*170MM
Weight: 303g
Measuring accuracy: 0.1%
Minimum. Dept.: 0.1%
Brix range: 0.1%
Brix min. Dept.: 0.1%
Scope of delivery:
1x refractometer
Includes protective case, pipette, mini screwdriver