PPR/GF pipe. 2 meters of hot water cold water PN20

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  • Peak temperatures of up to 110°C at an operating pressure of 4 bar have no negative influence on the pipes.
  • Extremely high corrosion resistance. Very good behavior in regions with very hard water.
  • Low heat loss in hot water networks due to low thermal conductivity
  • PPR pipes are ideal for building water supply systems yourself.
  • Over 50 years of service life at temperatures of 20°C to 90°C and an operating pressure of 6 to 26 bar.

The PPR/GF pipe is a high-quality plastic pipe with a length of 2 meters and is suitable for use in hot water and cold water systems with a pressure level of PN20. It has low water-side friction losses, which ensures an efficient water supply, and significantly reduces flow noise, enabling pleasant and quiet use. The pipe is a reliable and durable solution for household and industrial water pipes. The item is made in the European Union.

Condition: New
Material: Polypropylene (PP-R)
Max. Temp: 110°C
Length: 2m
Packaging Unit:
PPR/GF pipe - 1 piece